Friday, June 12, 2009

Where's P.T. Barnum when you need him?

Here is a trailer for the Sundance documentary we did on a year in the life of Slipstream, a cycling team devoted to trying to prove you can ride clean and succeed at the highest levels of the sport...

The film premieres on the Sundance Channel at 10:30 PM on Monday, June 29. More airtimes are planned throughout the month of July, to coincide with this year's Tour de France.

Produced + Directed by Nick Davis
Edited by Erik Dugger + Penelope Falk
Co-Producers: Nigel Dick, Matthew Sausmer + Minor Strachan
Production Coordinator: Lauren Dascher
Music by Joel Goodman, Music Box
Executive in Charge of Production: Sloane Cooper

And Starring:
David Millar
Christian VandeVelde
Mike Friedman
Magnus Backstedt
+ Jonathan Vaughters

Hope you can watch!

(there. was that so hard?)