Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Final Game of Yankee Stadium

.... happened in 1973.

This stadium that is closing tonight -- it was opened, with great fanfare, on Opening Day, 1976. It stood on the same spot as the "old" Yankee Stadium, but the field had been moved, the three tiers had been reduced to two, and in every important way, it was merely an echo of the original Yankee Stadium. We called it, at the time, the New Yankee Stadium. People who had never been to the original never felt that coming to this new ballpark and seeing Munson and Jackson meant that had been to the real Yankee Stadium where Mantle and DiMaggio played any more than people who went to the new Madison Square Garden felt they had seen a fight in the same hall where Dempsey knocked out Tunney or Firpo, or Lewis chased Schmelling or whoever back to Nazi Germany.

In fact, the "new" Yankee Stadium that will open next April, 300 yards away, will be as close to the "original" Yankee Stadium as this last one, built over 1974 and 1975, ever was.

Can we please, PLEASE gimme some truth on this? Or have we become so used to mistruths and lies and bullshit in all aspects of our lives that we just kind of accept this kind of crap now?

It's simply NOT TRUE.

Would everyone SHUT UP about it?


Anonymous said...

And we aren't we talking about the Minnesota Twins?

Who are these "Yankees?"

Anonymous said...

I'm a small businesman also, and face the same dilemma. But the choices are so clear in this election that I've stopped worrying about possibly offending a client who happens to be a Republican. Fuck them all. Anyone who still calls himself a Republican and plans on voting for McCain after the horror show of the past eight years is either clueless or malicious. People like that have chugged the Kool-Aid, and are beyond salvation. Our energies are much better spent getting new voters registered and bringing them into the process. Trying to convince a dumbass Republican is an uphill battle and a waste of energy. I can walk down the street and motivate a whole bunch of youth or minority voters in 10% of the time it would take to persuade a GOP guy.