Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Anonymous said...

Right On!

Nick, I couldn't help but cry as I watched this. I'm going to send the link to friends and family.

Once again, you nailed it.


Anonymous said...

It isn't over. Let's get back to work so that the administration doesn't forget a few items mentioned in passing.
With all the hype around setting up the political center of the new administration primarily focused on economics and diplomacy, let us not forget Art and Education. So far there have been no suggestions made for director of the N.E.H. to instill new energy and creativity into both of these areas. A mention of the NY City director of Schools for Education Dept. director should be rethought given the dictatorial methods employed in the city and his lack of understanding of basic psychology of learning. For the arts,there exists an excess of skilled administrators among contemporary U.S. art historians. Since women make up a high percentage of academics and artists today, the choice should certainly be a woman. I can think of many who would be phenomenally good at this job. In other countries (France, Italy, etc.) there is a culture minister; We should have one in the U.S. Let's get this blog moving.