Tuesday, November 22, 2011


There are two things I want to say about Joe Nick, who appears in JOE THE BLOODHOUND, our company's newest project, which airs Wednesday, December 7, on the Bio Channel, at 10 PM EST:

1.  He does good.  By which I mean: the work he does is an absolute good in the world.  He looks for missing people, and who could possibly find anything wrong with that?

The horror of losing someone -- a child wandering off at the mall, a grandfather who forgets to take his meds and heads to the bus station, a teenager who never shows up to meet her friends at the movies -- that's where Joe's job starts, and he does it incredibly well.  He's had over 250 cases, and in only one instance -- an instance that haunts him every day of his life -- has he been unable to find the missing person.  He does good, and he does it great.

2.  He's a TV star.  This one may be a little less subjective, but it's absolutely true.  They say a great actor can entertain you by reading the phone book.  Well, I'd pay to watch Joe search for a jar of mustard.  He's that good.

So, the official info:

For over 25 years Joe was a top K-9 cop with the New Jersey State police, using dogs to help find missing people and fugitives.  Now that he's retired, he's still doing it.

Joe's simple, direct, yet incredible passion for finding missing people will keep viewers coming back for more.

JOE THE BLOODHOUND airs Wednesday, December 7 at 10 PM EST on the Bio Channel. 

Hope you can watch.


A woman named Rachel Jackson, who runs PPP/Bring Them Home Now, an organization devoted to helping veterans, has started an online petition to help convince the networks to make JOE THE BLOODHOUND a regular series.  Please take a moment to sign: http://chn.ge/tPu33T.  Thanks.

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