Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A masterstroke

David Plouffe (which is a really great last name -- I am assuming it rhymes with doof as opposed to soufflé, though either would be just fine) pulled a really brilliant move today, as we head into six weeks of unprecedented non-electing. He basically drew the Clinton camp into a fight over the meaning of Pennsylvania. He said, being I think only marginally disingenuous, that Pennsylvania isn't that important, that there are ten contests left, that they are each important in their own way, etc... The Clinton camp took the bait and said something to the effect of, "If Barack Obama can't win Pennsylvania, how can he win in November?" The Clinton camp basically went on record as saying the winner of Pennsylvania should get the nomination. Well guess what? Obama is down about 20 points in the polls, but he has spent virtually no time in the state yet. He's got six weeks. He was down twenty in Texas, and closed the gap in about three weeks.

I think he spends the next six weeks like this: Hit Pennsylvania hard in week one. Then travel to some of the others that follow in week Two (North Carolina, Indiana, Oregon, etc...). Week Three: a trip to Europe to meet with leaders of the other countries of the world and show he knows what their names are. Weeks 4, 5, and 6 back in the USA, campaigning hard, picking up endorsements from superdelegates, and a final week endorsement from John Edwards. He wakes up on Wednesday, April 23, and we all celebrate Shakespeare's birthday, and an Obama victory in the Keystone state.

Game, set, match.

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Nick said...

Okay - I stand corrected. Check this out:

It's pretty clear, just based on the demographics of the thing, that it will be well nigh impossible to get within 20 delegates of HRC in PA. Plouffe wasn't blouffing - he's telling the turth when he says PA isn't that important -- a big win by Obama in NC two weeks later would/will basically nullify whatever HRC is able to pull off in PA.

The question is, will PA play into the media's need for this to be another 'comeback' for Hillary?