Sunday, March 9, 2008

McCain vs. Hillary

From the (private) responses I got to my first post, it seems clear I left open the door for my voting for McCain over Mrs. Clinton in the general election. At least three of you (all women, all Hillary supporters - I mention this only because I find it interesting that no one else either noticed or cared) found it upsetting enough to write me about it, and one of you made mention of the fact that in the 'olden days' (ie, pre-1992?) it was considered impolite to ask anyone whom they voted for. I also consider it impolite to ask - and vaguely offensive, frankly, to discuss my own choices so openly here in cyber-space -- but nonetheless, since I opened this can of worms, and to clarify:

Like my candidate, I think it highly premature to speculate on such an eventuality, and I certainly hope it doesn't come to pass...

But. BUT.

It is almost impossible for me to envision voting for McCain over Hillary in November. I realize that I focused almost exclusively on the war in my first post, and in that area and that area alone I do think he actually might be better able to get to a satisfactory conclusion than she would (it took a Nixon to visit China and all that), but on nearly all other issues, I feel more closely alligned with her policies than his, and in the crucial area of the Supreme Court, it terrifies me to think of what he might do, while I would look forward to her appointments almost as much as I look forward to the possibility that a President Obama might select Hillary Clinton herself to serve on the Court -- now THAT is change I can believe in.

So let's get that comments section going!

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